Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bieber impersonator makes $300 per hour

A 17-year-old Ohio boy says he has been raking in $300 to $600 per hour at his part-time job -- impersonating Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.
Anthony de la Torre of Bowling Green, who said his first acting job was a voice role on "Dora the Explorer," said he signed on with two agencies seeking Bieber impersonators after he was frequently mistaken for the teenage singer while on a Caribbean cruise with his family during the past summer, The (Toledo) Blade reported Monday.
"Honestly, this isn't my dream job, but it's still fun because I do have a blast at the parties I go to pretending to be him," de la Torre said. "It's just a lot of fun making little kids freak out."
De la Torre said his job takes him all over the country, including Boston, New York and Kentucky.
The teenager's mother, Esther Garcia-Tio, said she supports her son's acting dreams.
"For anyone we love in our life, I think our job is to try to help make their dreams come true, and I think that's why I did this, because I want his dreams to come true and I would do it for any one of my kids," she said.


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